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Project Woohoo

Project Woohoo is an www object-oriented database entirely in Perl. Uses include content-management web services (CMS), or a perl-based application server. A novice can install and configure it, or an expert can develop complex OODB web systems.

See the latest news here or the project page here. Post on the forum here.

A recent screenshot is here. -- Note that the links don't work and the "root" that's on the sample page reffers to the root object, not to the user "root". I know this is really ugly, but I wanted to show that I haven't just been wasting my time, and that there is something getting close to working. (2/5/02)

I don't have a demo ready to post, but I am really close. Part of the problem is that I need to make sure that access control is working correctly, or else a demo will allow anyone to run arbitrary code, and that's something I usually try to avoid. The following is all working:

I have some documentation under way, and I hope to post it before I head to Nicaragua (3/1 - 3/11) -- I'll work on the project there in my free time, but won't have much net access, so expect an alpha release mid March (2002). (2/26/02)

This project is similar in some ways to a native Perl version of Zope.

If you are curious about the name, read / post here.


updated Feb 26, 2002